AQUA IMMERSION virtual conference, is more than just another online aqua workshop; it’s a day where the aqua fitness community gets together to be educated, inspired and recharged! Powered by My Group Move, the specialists in group exercise, join us in celebrating innovation and creative thinking so that you can boost your performance and effectiveness. When you grow as an instructor, your community reaps the benefits.

Date: Sunday 27th June, 2021

Delivered using ZOOM.

Event: 9am-3:30pm AEST

Timezone AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). To check the time in your city please click here.

Fitness Australia 6 CECs, REPs NZ 4 CPDs, FitRec 30 points.

Recording will be available after the conference for 90 days.


Session names and descriptions

5 sessions presented by top Aqua Fitness presenters plus 3 hero instructors; Carolyn Giovannetti, Nikki Williams and Daria Kearon, that will share their stories with us.

Description: Are you an instructor that doesn’t really plan for their class? Ok, it is a reality that some instructors do not have the time to plan out their aqua class, instead they have to go with the ‘flow’. Well if this is you, then this session will save you from scratching your head trying to think of the next move to do. Using standard aqua moves that your participants know and love, create combinations that you are confident that will work in the water. Voilà! There is your class plan literally made up on the spot.

This workshop will identify and prioritise factors that are important to ageing populations who attend and integrate into regular aqua classes.  Aqua Instructors have learnt about hydrodynamics and the benefits of exercising in water, but now it’s time to learn more about the social impacts, physical changes, and common medical conditions that may impact on functionality, fitness and fun for the ageing aqua participant.  

Many aquatic fitness instructors offer great workouts for their clients that train both sides of the body equally yet the reality is life rarely works that way. As instructors it is important that we challenge participants and highlight the functional benefits of asymmetrical workouts to ensure the recruitment of specific muscle groups to improve both strength, balance and stability. Join Dom as he shares helpful teaching tips and underwater footage of effective asymmetrical workouts.

Reviewing our teaching skills gets harder the longer we are in the teaching profession. It becomes a challenging personal process as we become more attached to how we teach our classes. At the beginning we are happy to receive feedback as we know that this will help us deliver better classes, but as we get more experience, it can feel more like a personal attack. The reality is that we can never progress if we don’t assess where we are. This session is about how to self-assess your teaching skills and to objectively discover what you need to focus on and also what you need to recognise are your best assets. Learn the process to assess, to see the progress to achieve success when you are teaching at your personal best.

Dive in for a circuit that features choreography and popular songs for the aerobic portion and body toning with a towel for the strength portion. Learn how to sequence the exercises and rhythms to obtain better results, while introducing more power. Acceleration and strength to motivate the students to work harder.

Maria Teresa Stone


Mexican born and now based in Christchurch. Maria Teresa has been teaching group fitness (land and water) since 1996.

She helped launch the global phenomenon Zumba fitness in New Zealand and Australia in 2009. With her role as a Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) she has trained thousands of instructors worldwide.

Fitness Australia Roll of honour 2016 for her contribution to the fitness industry in Australia. Co-founder of My Group Move.

Jennifer Schembri-Portelli (JSP)


JSP's vivacious personality, sense of fun with purpose will take you on a journey of personal and professional exploration and learning.  

Innovation, passion and dedication are just a few of the attributes that set JSP on a lifelong pathway that has resulted in awards and recognition in both Fitness and Aquatic sectors.  Her reputation has motivated and shaped what, why and how we deliver aqua classes today.   

Join Jennifer Schembri-Portelli (JSP); creator of the Aquaframe, founder of WETS (water exercise training services) and mentor, advisor, and advocate to many of Australasia’s aqua presenters as she shares with you a wealth of knowledge and experience.  

Dom Gili


Dom Gili is the founder of Aqua Fitness Online - an online training website for Aqua Fitness instructors.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Dom is one of Australia’s leading experts and has presented at fitness conferences around the world including the USA, UK and New Zealand.

Marietta Mehanni


Australia presenter of 2018 and 2016 NZ Educator of the Year, Marietta Mehanni is an award winning presenter with 30 years of experience.

Education Coordinator for Gymstick International, Pelvic Floor Ambassador for Continence Foundation Australia, Co-Creator of mSwing and Co-Founder of My Group Move, Marietta is passionate about developing fun exercise formats that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Mushi Harush


Mushi Debora Harush AEA trainer specialist since 94, MA Physical education and Education. 

Founder of the Israeli Aquatic Exercise Center, AEA International Aquatic Fitness Trainer Specialist and regularly presents internationally at Health and Fitness conventions.

Proud recipient of the 2005 AEA Global Award for the contribution to the Aquatic Fitness industry.

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