GX day 2019 FAQ


What is GX day?

GX DAY is a live face-to-face event, with 4 workshops in one day. This event is for any group fitness instructor and members of the public (potential instructors) where we will learn, network and support each other. Developed by MY GROUP MOVE co-founders Marietta Mehanni and Maria Teresa Stone.

Why attend GX day?

The dual purpose is:

  1. To educate and provide support to current group fitness instructors, whether they be freestyle or pre-choreographed. The up-skilling will be generic so that regardless of modality of instruction, there will be benefit from attending the day. There will also be value for personal trainers that teach group classes to appreciate the unique skills that are required to deliver a positive exercise experience to a group of people.
  2. To provide an insight and introduction to members of the public that would be interested in becoming group fitness instructors. The idea is to demonstrate the appeal in teaching and provide some basic skills that would encourage them to consider this as a career opportunity. There is currently a massive skill shortage in group fitness and MY GROUP MOVE has a solution for this crisis.

What can you expect to learn from GX day? 

There will be 4 amazing workshops in every city:

From the waist down

Are you stumped for exercises for the waist down? This session by Marietta Mehanni will provide ideas on how to create the lower body muscular fatigue that your participants crave. Using simple concepts with very little equipment, these exercises can be implemented into any muscle conditioning workout. Marietta will also demonstrate a range of modifications appropriate for beginners to hard core regulars.

Warm ups and cool downs (all cities with the exception of Christchurch)

Are your warm ups simple and engaging enough to get people moving and help them get into the zone? Are your cool downs giving your class a ‘grand finale’? This session presented by Maria Teresa Stone, will give you a good refresher about how to safely and effectively start and finish your group fitness classes, so your participants keep coming back for more! A must learn for any group fitness professional.

Cue it, then do it! (Christchurch only)

Would you like to become a better communicator? Then this session is for YOU. Cue it, then do it! presented by Maria Teresa Stone, will help you understand when is the right time to cue and how to cue effectively, so your participants can move successfully in to the next move. The drills will include verbal and drum rolls please.... visual cues! A must session for any group fitness instructor.

Unleash the sensei

Look authentic, feel authentic and move authentically. Teaching or participating in a Martial Arts class is not only rewarding but can empower you both physically and mentally. In this session Ann-Marie will be sharing with you all the tools and tips you need to create your own freestyle Martial Arts class. You will experience a Master Class and learn how to train smarter, feel empowered and have fun whilst working out.

Inside and out

Presented by Marietta, Maria Teresa and Ann-Marie. Teaching a class is more than having the right music and choreography. In fact, it is all the other parts that ensure a healthy mind and body as well as creating healthy rapport with members and the public. This session discusses the strategies and solutions to ensuring well being in aspects of an instructors personal and intra relationships with members and clients. 

Locations and dates for GX days in 2019, click on the links below:







Will there be any CECs/CPDs?
Yes, there will be for all day registration (not for individual sessions), we are in the application process. 

Will I receive a certificate of completion at the end?

Yes, after completing the GX day all day, you will receive an email from us with your digital certificate of completion. Allow 10 days. Please keep an eye on your inbox and spam. 

Are there any refunds for GX day registrations?

For our live face-to-face workshops/events there is only refund if we receive notification via email at [email protected] 10 prior the workshop/event date, after that date there are no refunds. There are NO refunds when purchasing the workshop/event with a discount code/discounted price, but you can gift or transfer the registration to someone else, please notify us so we can do the name and email change. 


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