Aqua Immersion Virtual Conference 2024

Sunday 8th of September

8:30am - 3:30pm AEST


Experience the Ultimate Aqua Fitness Education:

The 2024 Aqua Immersion Virtual Conference!

Dive into a new world of aqua fitness education, inspiration, and community at the 2024 Aqua Immersion virtual conference. Unlike any other virtual event, our conference is a fully immersive experience that brings together instructors from around the globe to share knowledge, connect with peers, and recharge their passion for teaching.

With a jam-packed schedule of sessions led by top industry professionals, you'll gain the tools and insights you need to take your teaching to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Aqua Immersion has something for everyone.

And don't worry if you miss the live event – with our on-demand recordings, you will access all the benefits of the conference, including 6 AusActive CECs, 4.5 REPs NZ CPDs and 30 FitRec points.


So join us for a deep dive into the world of aqua fitness – your community will thank you for it.

 Aqua Immersion Conference

Sessions & Presenters

Neurobics for Purposeful Recovery


Neurobics combines physical activity with cognitive processes.  It is a type of exercise that challenges the brain to create new, stimulating patterns to promote brain health.  The challenge with including neurobics into fitness routines is that the more we have to think about an exercise, the less physically intense the exercise will be.  That is why neurobics is the perfect solution to creating meaningful recover bouts or sessions.

Breaking boundaries of routine through plug and play intervals


Whether you need a quick lesson plan outline for a sub or you want to change up your own class workout, take away an easy to follow intervals format that incorporates a fun time efficient workout that is effective. Create interaction and class engagement with bursts of organized chaos and see the smiles glow! You have the choice to use pool equipment or let the water’s properties be the challenge for the day. Take home a workout template you can implement in your very next class!

Evoke Intrinsic Motivation: For Clients & Yourself

Unlock the power of true motivation in this session, designed for both your clients and you. Explore how to tap into intrinsic motivation, not just in fitness, but in everyday life. In this session we will also discover the power of motivational interviewing. This technique isn't just for your clients; it's a mirror reflecting how you can also enhance your own motivation, ensuring you stay inspired and energised in your role as an instructor. Whether you're looking to elevate your coaching skills or seeking personal inspiration, this session is your guide to developing meaningful connections and nurturing a genuine commitment to health and fitness, for both your clients and yourself.

Hydro Strike: Teach Water Kickboxing like a pro


Dive into the dynamic world of aquatic kickboxing as we blend the power of martial arts with the resistance of water. Led by Maria Teresa Stone, an expert in water fitness and passionate about Kickboxing.

Whether you're a seasoned instructor or new to aquatic fitness, you will walk away understanding the technique to elevate your water kickboxing classes to new heights.

Dynamic Noodle Workouts 


This session is crafted for aqua instructors eager to infuse their classes with innovative, engaging exercises that utilise the pool noodle not just as a tool, but for dynamic aquatic workouts. Discover a series of exercises designed to enhance flexibility, tone muscles, and improve overall fitness.

Participants will learn 7 exercise blocks, each focused on utilising the noodle to enhance workout intensity. Dynamic Noodle Workouts offers fresh ideas, inspiring creativity and effective teaching strategies. Ideal for instructors looking to diversify their routines.

Aqua Immersion Conference is for you if you want to...

  • Enhance teaching techniques through expert workshops
  • Learn effective communication for engaging participants
  • Boost your career with insights from top professionals
  • Improve aquatic fitness programming and design
  • Connect with like-minded instructors for motivation
  • Elevate instruction for a greater client impact
  • Earn AusActive 6 CECs, 4.5 CPDs and 30 FitRec points for professional growth.

 We are My Group Move

We are dedicated to upskilling group and aqua exercise instructors to ensure that they provide high-quality and cutting-edge information to their class participants. Our mission is to empower instructors to create a positive, inclusive, and enjoyable group fitness experience for everyone.

One way we fulfill our mission is through the hugely popular Aqua Immersion conference. This event brings local and international talent to aqua instructors, providing them with tips and skills from experts they would normally never have access to. Aqua Immersion is an opportunity for instructors to connect with like-minded professionals and gain new insights to bring back to their own classes. Join us on our mission to elevate the aqua fitness industry and empower instructors to make a positive impact on the lives of their participants.

"Another great conference, thank you Marietta and Maria for organising this event.
I always learn a lot from these conferences, and I love the fact that I don't have to miss out because they always seem to be on Sunday's, and I work Sundays so I can always watch the recorded conference at a later date in the comfort of my own home and I don't have to go anywhere which also saves time. It's great that I can play back sections if I need to"

- Cassandra McQuillan

"Love the Aqua Immersion Conference. You can never learn too much. Yes, we have to earn our CEC's but, it is so important to remind ourselves of what and how we can teach effectively. But also, new ideas and techniques. Thank you so much for creating this event for aqua instructors"

- Vanessa Roe

"What a variety of topics are presented at the MGM Aqua Immersion Conferences!  Not only do I get great ideas for choreography, but also crucial information and practical solutions on how to look after my mind and body as a fitness professional.  All the sessions in the past have helped me to develop my teaching skills further.  Marietta and Maria always find the best presenters and relevant topics in the aqua industry.  I am really looking forward to the next Conference which I can attend virtually and still interact with other instructors. How cool is that!"

- Daria Kearon











Sunday 8th of September, 2024

8:30am - 3:30pm AEST

Earn AusActive 6 CECs, 4.5 CPDs and 30 FitRec points.

Full access to the conference recording post-event!

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