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MGM Instructor Pathway

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Leading the Way in Comprehensive Group Fitness Education!

Instructor Pathway

A comprehensive program designed to enhance and expand the teaching skills of group fitness instructors, offering live group and one on one coaching, community supportĀ and in-depth modules on various aspects of fitness instruction.

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Group Fitness Conference

Your one-stop destination for education, inspiration, and rejuvenation, featuring exceptional presenters delivering incredible sessions in a single day, with the added benefit of access to conference recordings.

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Aqua ImmersionĀ 

Immerse yourself in an aqua fitness virtual conference for education, inspiration, and connection. Benefit from sessions led by industry leaders, gain valuable insights and elevate your teaching, regardless of your experience level.

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Step into the world of My Group Move, where our passion for group exercise fuels our commitment to your growth as an instructor.

Our comprehensive online courses and immersive virtual conferences are meticulously designed to amplify your skills across both land and water-based group fitness classes.Ā 


More About Us

What can you expect from My Group Move

My Group Move is all about equipping you with the tools and motivation to create unforgettable group workouts across all fitness genres,Ā No matter which course you take, you can count on three things:


Comprehensive and digestible foundational knowledge, with expert education, ensuring every instructor is well-equipped to deliver high-quality, professional-level classes.


Our education programs instill confidence and foster a supportive, judgement-free community, empowering instructors to take on any class with assurance and enthusiasm.


Essential self-care guidance to support instructors in maintaining their motivation, energy, and overall well-being, enabling them to consistently deliver their best.

Reni Connell

"I am profoundly grateful to Marietta and Maria Teresa for their invaluable guidance, support, and encouragement during the MGM - Instructor Pathway Course. It has been an engaging and rewarding journey from start to finish. I am excited to continue my journey, equipped with enhanced skills to help, support, and motivate others to keep moving. MGM Instructor Pathway Course is a guaranteed way to ignite your skills, invigorate your MOJO, and make a positive impact."

Maggie Edwards

"I have to say you guys are the best mentors. I took your moves and did the above songs in my aqua classes this week, oh and my participants loved it. Those songs got the heart rate up and when I finished they said they wanted more. So a HUGE thank you. You have guided me, and I love you guys for that. Thank you thank you thank you."Thank you thank you thank you."Thank you thank you thank you."Thank you thank you thank you."Thank you thank you thank you."ThankĀ 

Danielle Brown

"Marietta and Maria have an incredible amount of knowledge of the group fitness industry, that they share with passion and energy.Ā  Their training is engaging, original and I am able to readily apply the skills I have learned. I find theĀ training platform really easy to use (on any device) and love the fact I can do the training when it suits me.Ā  I come away from their training feeling motivated and full of new ideas to implement into my classes. MGM training has made me a much better instructor!"

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