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Join us at the MGM Group Fitness Virtual Conference, an exciting online event for group fitness professionals. This conference combines interactive learning sessions led by industry experts, covering innovative workout trends and holistic wellness practices, with a vibrant online community experience. Ideal for seasoned instructors and newcomers, it offers insights and practical skills for enhancing classes unique networking opportunities and peer engagement, all accessible from the comfort of your own space. 

LIFETIME ACCESS TO RECORDING, including 5 AusActive CECs, 8.5 REPs NZ CPDs and 30 FitRec points. So join us for a deep dive into the world of group fitness – your community will thank you for it.





MGM Group Fitness Virtual Conference Sessions & Presenters

Making Sense of Lifestyle Solutions for Menopause.

Menopause is often misunderstood as merely hot flushes and brain fog, but it involves complex hormonal changes. Declining hormone levels impact various aspects, from muscles and joints to the liver and skin. This has implications for those teaching Group Fitness, as issues like exhaustion, sore joints, and weight gain cannot be overlooked.

Midlife is a critical time for women, marked by fluctuating exercise habits. Understanding the right exercise for this stage is crucial for education and member retention. You cannot miss this masterclass, filled with valuable insights from Dr. Wendy Sweet.

Trios 3 Ways

Are you a land or aqua group fitness instructor looking for new ideas to inspire your classes? Then join us for this presentation on Trios, a versatile and dynamic exercise format.

Trios is based on a simple but powerful concept: three exercises that gradually increase in intensity. In this session, you'll learn how to use Trios for cardio, muscle strengthening, and endurance workouts, both on land and in the pool.

Trios delivers a fun and effective workout that can be tailored to any fitness level. Come and discover the many benefits of this innovative exercise format in our interactive and engaging session.

Mastering Getting Up and Down From the Floor in Group Fitness Classes

Getting up and down from the floor is a challenge for most people yet, it is not something that we deliver on a regular basis in group fitness formats. There are very few exercises where getting down to get up is actually a feature of the workout. Experience a range of combinations that build from easy to more challenging that incorporate the full body to lower to the floor and then come back up. Take your squats and lunges to a whole other level which will guarantee functional movement that can be taken straight into everyday life activities.

Creating Vibrant Communities Through Challenges

Explore the popularity of fitness challenges beyond the physical aspect of workouts and uncover their ability to cultivate community and instill a powerful sense of accountability among participants. Join Maria Teresa, an expert in group fitness, as she walks you through the implementation of a 5-day, 5-minute plan challenge for your group fitness classes. Unlock the dynamic potential of these challenges and leave with the tools to make an immediate impact on your class dynamics.

Unleash Your Authentic Power: From Values to Impact

This session is a deep dive into unlocking your fullest potential as a fitness instructor. Begin by aligning your core values with your unique skills, helping you discover your superpowers. We’ll then tackle strategies to silence your inner critic and boost self-confidence.

The focus will shift to embracing your authentic self, showing you how this can amplify your impact on both your career and the lives of your participants. Leave with a toolkit of practical strategies to lead with authenticity and confidence.

MGM Group Fitness Conference is for you if you want to...

  • Gain insights into the complex changes like menopause and their impact on fitness routines.
  • Align your core values with your unique skills, boosting confidence and significantly impacting your career.
  • Enhance your expertise in guiding clients through fundamental movements and integrating functional fitness into everyday life activities.
  • Discover the power of fitness challenges in building community and enhancing accountability in your classes.
  • Earn AusActive 5 CECs, 8.5 CPDs and 30 FitRec points for professional growth.

 We are My Group Move

We are dedicated to upskilling group exercise instructors and empowering them to create positive, inclusive, and enjoyable group exercise experience for everyone.

One way we fulfill our mission is through our hugely popular conferences. Our conferences bring together local and international experts, providing instructors with valuable tips and skills they wouldn't normally have access to. Connect with like-minded professionals, gain new insights, and make a positive impact on the lives of your participants. 

Join us on our mission to elevate our industry and empower instructors to make a positive impact on the lives of their participants. Joins us the MGM Group Fitness Virtual Conference.


Genuine feedback!

Hear from our happy customers.

"Thanks for the inspiration Erin (and Marietta & Maria) I used some of the moves this morning as a warm up in my winter movement session and it worked really well. A super fun way to start the session and encouraged relaxed dynamic movement and focus"

- Caroline Eastmond on "Break out the balloons presented by Erin Brown" at the 2023 MGM Group Fitness Conference 

"As a Pilates instructor I really value the different options here, and Stephanie's cueing is superb. I will be using so much from this session! Thank you!"

- Ainslie Castle on "Mobility for Everyone by Stephanie Sibel" at the 2022 MGM Group Fitness Conference. 

"WOW! Steve is a brilliant and charismatic presenter and covered the topic so well. I took so many notes! Steve is so engaging and used excellent examples to explain a point. What was discussed is not just for instructors but every day life skills. An awesome way to start a conference. Well done!"

- Daria Kearon on "Are you an instructor that wants to grow by Steve Boedt" from the 2022 MGM Group Fitness Conference.



MGM Group Fitness Virtual Conference


Earn AusActive 5 CECs, 8.5 CPDs and 30 FitRec points.