The final piece - Stretch and Release online course


The final piece - Stretch and Release

So, you have taught an awesome class and you will know that you have delivered a workout that your participants are delighted with. Sweat fresh on their rosy faces and a smile here and there.
Awesome! Now to finish this workout with stretch that you will be proud of. You know, the kind of stretch that bring the class to a full completion. Rather than throwing together some random stretches that you have seen or performed before to rap up the workout, maybe there is a way to pull together static and dynamic stretches that thoughtful and progressive.
Lucky for you, we have prepared a course that will take you through the importance of a cool down and a stretch and provide you with several stretch finales that you can plug and play.
Sign up for The Final Piece – Stretch and Release and you’ll will get access to high quality video content that will take you through step by step through the following topics:

  • What is flexibility and the different types of stretches
  • The physical and mental benefits of stretching
  • Hot tips from world renown fitness presenters on creating the right mood and atmosphere in a group fitness class
  • The difference between a cool down and a stretch and view cool down examples for three different class styles
  • An extensive stretch library appropriate for a group exercise class
  • Stretches that have been put together for you starting in a variety of positions
  • Choreographed stretches that will show you how you can add your own personality to your class finale
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"Thank you for this course, something I've been looking for a long time. Fantastic tips, simple to understand. You guys are awesome, filling in so many gaps in courses previously taught and so giving of your successful knowledge for ours and our participants benefits. Really appreciate all that you both do, say and share."

Bev Selway
Group Fitness Instructor

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