The 2022 Aqua Immersion virtual conference was not another virtual event.

It was a wonderful day with the aqua fitness instructor community, we got educated, inspired and recharged!

When you grow as an instructor, your community reaps the benefits, right? So if you missed this awesome conference, don't you worry! You can get the recording and still get the benefits (that includes the CEC/CPDs).

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Session names and descriptions

There are a few things that we all have in common with our colleagues and our clients. We are all unique. We all experience stress. We all age. And all of these things influence our experience of life. This super interactive workshop by Dr Cam McDonald will provide you the understanding, tools and strategies that all you to be in control of your health, energy, stress/burnout, belief in yourself and mental wellbeing. This will not be a lecture, it will require you to reflect, record and converse to ground the information in a practical way to walk away with the start of an action plan that will improve your decision making for yourself and how you support others.

Lets take it to the next level! Combine the fun and excitement of cardio combos with the added resistance of dumbbells. Learn easy to teach and effective choreography while using buoyant equipment, all to the beat of motivating music. Dive deeper into how the use of buoyant equipment changes the muscle equation in the aquatic environment to provide safe and balance routines for your participants.

During this highly practical session, we will cover some simple foam rolling techniques that will help you prepare for and recover from the rigours of being a Group Fitness Instructor. We will cover what foam rolling is and how it can help you perform at your best. You will take away simple techniques that should help most people move better. Don’t forget to bring your foam roller so you can feel the difference these techniques can make.

The truth is that all aqua instructors can and should be able to switch between deep and shallow water classes. The problem is that many of us aren’t taught how to make the transition, or we don’t know how to make the transition confidently. 

This session will provide you with guidelines so you have the clarity to create workouts effectively, regardless of the depth.

Create your own choreography! Choreography is one of the easiest ways to get participants moving. In this session you will discover how to choose a series of simple exercises and put them together into a routine that can be used straight away. This session will focus on the fundamentals of choreographing exercises and how to deliver it with confidence so that your participants are delighted with your workouts.

Dr Cam McDonald

Cam is a leader, educator, scientist, motivator and father.  He is currently the CEO of the Precision Health Alliance - a world leading organisation focussing on the education of health professionals in the use of precision health. The organisation’s mission is to eliminate chronic disease and pain by 2050, and having ‘healthy’ and ‘resilient’ as the norm. He is an exercise physiology, accredited practising dietitian, PhD Scholar, a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and is an international leader in the application of precision & personalised health. Dr Cam has an ability to simplify the complexity of health principles, infuse hope and stimulate action. The combination of science, down-to-earth humour and elegant simplicity of truth makes him accessible, relatable and a must attend.

Ashley Bishop


Canadian Ashley Bishop spent the first ten years of her career working as a professional dancer & choreographer (Canada/Mexico) and as a featured performer with Carnival Cruise Lines.  She is an Aquatic Training Specialist for the Aquatic Exercise Association and a Zumba Jammer™ for Zumba Fitness®. 

Now living in Las Vegas, Ashley is the Education Manager for AEA and travels the continent presenting a variety of continuing education workshops for fitness instructors.

Andrew Chadwick

With over 18 years of fitness industry experience to draw on, Chaddy is the lead educator and course content creator for PT Academy. He is a  NLP Practitioner, TRX and Trigger Point Performance Senior Master  Course Instructor, and Animal Flow Master instructor. His time in the  Australian army led him through some physical pain and then on a journey to discover its cause. That then led him to health and fitness  where he has been able to help himself and others through coaching  movement. Chaddy can apply science and intuition to movement and make it fun and through this earned the 2017 Network FILEX Presenter of the year. 

Marietta Mehanni


Australia presenter of 2018 and 2016 NZ Educator of the Year, Marietta Mehanni is an award winning presenter with 30 years of experience.

Education Coordinator for Gymstick International, Pelvic Floor Ambassador for Continence Foundation Australia, Co-Creator of mSwing and Co-Founder of My Group Move, Marietta is passionate about developing fun exercise formats that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Maria Teresa Stone


Mexican born and now based in Christchurch. Maria Teresa has been teaching group fitness (land and water) since 1996.

She helped launch the global phenomenon Zumba fitness in New Zealand and Australia in 2009. With her role as a Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) she has trained thousands of instructors worldwide.

Fitness Australia Roll of honour 2016 for her contribution to the fitness industry in Australia. Co-founder of My Group Move.

Ricardo Maia


I'm Ricardo Maia from Portugal, a master degree in sports and physical education, teacher at Maia University, technical director at Matosinhosport.

Passionate for Aqua fitness since 2001. I have presented at 21 countries different Aqua fitness programs and strategies.

Co-author of two Aqua fitness books and developer of the program Aquapilates and Aquarelax body & soul.

Recording of the 2022 AQUA IMMERSION virtual conference


  • AusActive 6 CECs, REPs NZ 4.5 CPDs, FitRec 30 points.

  • 5 sessions delivered by 6 international presenters.

  • Lifetime access 

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