Learn about the power duo behind MY GROUP MOVE.

Marietta Mehanni


Recently awarded Presenter of the Year 2018 and NZ Educator of the Year 2016, Marietta Mehanni is an multi-award winning Australian presenter with over 29 years of teaching experience in both land and water based group exercise. As World Master Trainer for Gymstick International and Education Coordinator Marietta is responsible for the development of Gymstick education worldwide.

She is a Pelvic Floor First Ambassador and in conjunction with the Continence Foundation of Australia, Marietta has been an integral part of the development of pelvic floor awareness in the fitness industry and creating the link between physiotherapy and fitness. She travels across the globe educating both instructors and fitness enthusiasts about what the core really is and how to exercise with appropriate consideration of the pelvic floor muscles.

As Co-Founder of the My Group Move education platform, Marietta has now expanded to an online presence to offer education for potential freestyle group exercise instructors both locally and internationally.

She is an advisor to and advocate for Power Music, an exciting platform offering instructors easy access to music and choreography. Co-creator of mSwing, Marietta is passionate about developing fun exercise formats that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Maria Teresa Stone

Maria Teresa originally from Mexico now living in New Zealand, grew up dancing and being physically active.

She taught her first “aerobics” class when she was only 15 years old, in 1996 in her family gym: STONE GYM. She has taught everything freestyle from kickboxing to step and Aqua fitness.

She has experience as a group fitness coordinator having done this role in Mexico and in the UK. 

Maria Teresa has been a Zumba Education Specialist since 2007, and launched the global phenomenon Zumba program in New Zealand and Australia in 2009. She continues to be a driving force for the program “down under” training hundreds of instructors every year, providing them with career opportunities.

Inducted to the Roll of honour by fitness australia in 2016 for her contribution to the fitness industry in Australia.

She is a busy mum to two children, and is excited about helping instructors deliver successful classes and better their skills through MY GROUP MOVE.

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Success in collaboration

With a common passion and expertise in group exercise, Marietta and Maria Teresa first met as presenters at a fitness conference in New Zealand in 2009. Although they came from different backgrounds, they soon realised that they had several commonalities and were passionate about group fitness instructor skill development and growth.

Their initial collaboration was in developing a widely successful ‘Watch Your Body Language’ workshop which delved into the importance of non verbal communication in enhancing a member’s experience with exercise. It has helped hundreds of instructors develop an awareness of what is communicated without words can impact rapport and develop long term loyal members.

Their united commitment to change how group fitness instructors are educated and viewed by the rest of the fitness community has lead to several years of working together with respect and integrity which finally resulted in a partnership called MY GROUP MOVE.



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