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Communication and connection

The ability to connect and communicate is an essential component of creating a successful class, where participants return, week after week. 

My Group Move has created the Communication and Connection online course to help group fitness instructors learn skills that will help them connect with their participants, and teach effectively.

"This is brilliant! I was never taught this but sort of worked it out myself listening to the music and observing others. During workshops I was sometimes told my timing was off which occurred when changing moves. That calm timed countdown all makes sense now. This will certainly help me and I am so thankful already for what I have learnt! Can't wait for the next lessons. Yippee! 😃"

Daria Kearon
Aqua fitness instructor


9 Comprehensive lessons 

Lifetime access

Assessment to test your knowledge and skills

Certificate of completion

3  CEC's Fitness Australia


20 points FitRec


"Really enjoyed this course, thank you Marietta and Maria Teresa! Clear concepts, explained well, and bite-sized chunks to get through at my own pace. I wish I'd done then when I was starting out, it would have a saved a few headaches! The concepts I've learned now will help me deliver more engaging classes when the gyms reopen. Thank you!"

Karin Burgess
Group Fitness Instructor

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