In front of you is a room filled with eager faces and motivated bodies ready to exercise. They are keen to follow your lead and now all you have to do is successfully take them from the start of the class to the end. Learn everything you need to know to teach a group fitness class.



Learn everything you need to know to teach a group fitness class.

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Move to the Beat

This online course will help you understand the important role that music plays in group fitness, empower you to use it to your advantage in class and help you find the beat so are you never off-beat again.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Why music is important in a group exercise class
  • How to find the beats per minute in a song
  • What are the music recommendations for different class formats
  • What is musical phrasing
  • How to map music
  • How to identify the 32 count block, 16 count and 8 count phrase
  • How to move to the music with basic low impact moves to understand where the significant changes are in the music for 32, 16 and 8 counts
  • Phrasing do’s and don’ts and how to get back on track if you lose the phrase

Communication and Connection

The ability to connect and communicate is an essential component of creating a successful class, where participants return, week after week. My Group Move has created the Communication and Connection online course to help group fitness instructors learn skills that will help them connect with their participants, and teach effectively.

Topics covered in this course:

  • What is communication and research re the 7-38-55 rule
  • What to consider re pre-class preparation and setting up for a class
  • How to create positive first impressions, how to meet new participants and how to start a conversation
  • What is appropriate clothing for a class
  • How to welcome and finish a class and how to focus on positive comments and words
  • What is body language and how to use your body to teach a class
  • Positive and negative facial expressions, eye contact, appropriate instructor touching of a participant and how to gauge ranges of personal space
  • What is cueing and what is verbal cueing
  • How to count down a move using musical milestones of 32, 16 and 8 counts with different moves
  • Things to consider what you say and how you say it
  • Effective verbal descriptive cues
  • How to use a microphone, bluetooth sound system and what is a healthy volume level in a class
  • Non-verbal cues and how to perform them and when

Choreography and Flow

This course will provide you with the foundations for creating your own choreography by understanding the most commonly used teaching methods. Now you can create workout magic that keeps people coming back for more.

Topics covered in this course:

  • What are the 4 P’s – planning, practice, patience and persistence and how this is key for this course
  • Understanding ‘point of recognition’ and how to write choreography plans
  • What is a base move and how to work out the counts for each move
  • What is a lead leg
  • Go through choreography terminology
  • How to use arm actions, repetition, rhythm, mode, travel, direction and style to change choreography
  • Understanding mirror and participant image and how to perform right footing to switch from one to the other
  • Understanding the different teaching methods that can be employed to deliver a group exercise class: linear progression, reverse pyramid, pure repetition, add on method, link method
  • How and why to ensure that choreography is right and left balanced
  • How to choreograph to music
  • Layering – what is it, why use it and how to use it effectively
  • What is a visual preview and holding pattern and when to use it to teach choreography
  • How to know which teaching method is appropriate
  • How to get participant’s attention, dealing with beginners and the three stages of learning.
  • What are positively geared teaching techniques


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