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Marietta and Maria Teresa have delivered face-to-face workshops for many years and have seen how many group fitness instructors struggle to find the beat of the music and understand the structure of music.

MOVE TO THE BEAT online course will help you understand the important role that music plays in group fitness, empower you to use it to your advantage in class and help you find the beat so are you never off-beat again. 

"I wish you two got together & created this online course when I first became a Group Fitness Instructor 10 years ago. It will be an invaluable tool for beginners. Iā€™m sure you have more content in your program for Instructors who like me are always hungry to learn more about how we can create more amazing group fitness experiences for our participants. I am so excited for you both! This is so awesome! Thank you!"

Kathy Johnsun, AU
Group fitness instructor and personal trainer.


4 easy lessons

Lifetime access

Assessment to test your knowledge

Downloadable workout sheets

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3 CEC's Fitness Australia


20 points FitRec 


"Thanks MTS and Marietta, love the breakdown of phrasing blocks and16 counts. You ladies nailed it with addressing fundamental need for musicality for GF instructors! Certainly I learned more after these 4 lessons, great value!! You ladies put in so much technical info in easy to understand terms! So Incredibly grateful."

Gloria del Fierro, AU
Zumba instructor

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