Our mission

who we are, what we do and why we are here

Seen as the ‘fun and bubbly’ part of the fitness industry, group exercise instructors have the ability to impact lives of many members and clients that create long term loyalty and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Often participants will follow and create lasting relationships with their group fitness instructor that surpass fitness industry member retention statics.

MY GROUP MOVE was born from a strong desire to upskill group exercise instructors to ensure that interactions and information passed onto class participants was current and cutting edge to create a high quality positive experience for everyone. Group fitness is empowering, inclusive and enjoyable. MY GROUP MOVE’s ‘WHY’ is to ensure that instructors continue to grow and develop their skills to guarantee individualised success for both instructors and participants.

Our mission

To provide quality education that empowers individuals to provide movement to music workouts for their community that is fun, effective and safe. 

Our vision

To create a thriving and empowered group fitness instructor community around the world. 


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