Through our course you can master the group fitness skills required to teach in your community or create an online business that is unique to you.


Take your passion and make it a career. The MGM Instructor Pathway is the only implementation program of its kind that shows you exactly how to create and deliver group fitness classes like a pro and how to get people moving for a healthier lifestyle.


Course starting date: Monday 22nd April, 2024.

Before We Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

  • Someone who has always loved participating in group fitness classes and would like to lead others like your favourite instructor.
  • Been someone that has secretly wanted to be the instructor but never had the confidence to take the steps to fulfil your dream.
  • A parent and you want to find a new career that works around your family life and is flexible enough for you to choose exactly the hours that you want to work.

 You are in the right place and we are going to tell you exactly how MGM Instructor Pathway will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to becoming a group fitness leader.


This is not another online course...

No one wants another online course that they have to complete by themselves.

  • With MGM Instructor Pathway Certification, we'll provide weekly coaching for 10 weeks to keep you on track with your goals and to stay accountable.

  • Our private MGM Instructor Pathway Facebook group will allow you to connect directly with other students and us to ask questions, share challenges and successes

  • Our email access means you can always check in with the MGM team if something comes up that might affect your progress or ability to complete course modules.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Learnt how to use music in your classes to motivate your participants and make the class flow smoothly.

  • The ability to set up a class, build rapport with conversation and body language and create an environment for participants to feel welcome and become part of a community.

  • Mastered clear verbal and nonverbal communication during a workout so that everyone understands the instructions and knows how to maximise their workouts.

  • Developed your own choreography, so you are able to design classes that match your personal teaching style and is appropriate for the people who participate in your classes.

  • Expertly demonstrated exercise techniques and movement patterns and to be able to keep participants fully engaged

  • Created a variety of different warm-up sequences that not only provide physiological benefits but also excite participants about the workout they are about to do.

  • Crafted cool-downs and stretches that leave your participants feeling energised, motivated, and eager to come back for more classes.

  • Recognised by AUSactive 14 CEC's, FitRec 30 Points & REPS (Exercise New Zealand) 20 CPD's.


"I can’t thank Marietta and Maria Teresa from MGM enough for their guidance, support and encouragement throughout the My Group Move - Instructor Pathway Course.  It has been an engaging and rewarding course from the very first minute until the last zoom.

I have learnt and grown so much throughout the course and I now feel a part of a fantastic community with MGM.
I am excited to continue my journey as a fitness instructor to be able to help, support and motivate people to keep moving and feel I have gained many more skills to assist me in being able to do this in the best way possible - after all, helping people is one of the most positive ways to live your life. 

I would encourage every Group Fitness Instructor, new and old, to join Marietta and Maria and participate in the MGM Instructor Pathway Course – it’s a guaranteed opportunity to grow your skills and ignite and invigorate your MOJO."

Reni Connell, Group Fitness Instructor


Enrol now in MGM instructor pathway.


Course starting date Monday 22nd April, 2024






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What’s Inside MGM instructor pathway 


Module 1: Move to the beat

If you want to perform your true potential as a group fitness instructor, it is vital that you learn how to harness the power of music. Move to the Beat was designed with this objective in mind and is packed with information aimed at empowering you to use music in group fitness classes. Whether you are working with studio music or the latest chart hit realising fantastic results in class will be just a beat away!


  • How to find the music beat.
  • How to make the right music choices during class.
  • How to best use music as a cue to control movement and tempo.
Module 2: Communication and connection

No matter what kind of instructor you are, we can all agree that teaching an exercise class is a lot like having a conversation. You have to be able to read the room and adapt to a variety of situations, so you can make sure that everyone is feeling challenged, engaged and safe while they exercise. In this module we'll help you identify some key verbal and non-verbal cues that will let your participants know exactly what you want them to do.


  • How to connect with participants so that they feel welcomed and comfortable with you and the workout that they are about to partake in.
  • How to provide non-verbal cues used for orientation, clarification, direction, feedback and adjustments.
  • How to use verbal cues to help your group move more safely.
Module 3: Choreography and flow

This module will provide you with the foundations for creating your own choreography by understanding the most commonly used teaching methods. Now you can create workout magic that keeps people coming back for more. 


  • Learn the methods of class creation.
  • Create reliable sequences that your students will enjoy and will be able to perform with confidence.
  • How to structure learning curves so that participants are able to follow and get a workout.
Module 4: The art of the start

In this module you will learn how to get participants ready for class while creating a positive atmosphere. Find out how a warm up sets the tone, creates energy in the room and builds a more intimate connection between the group fitness instructors and participants .


  • Find out what you need to include in your warm ups.
  • How to create warm ups for different formats.
  • Learn how to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, builds energy and increases their performance.
Module 5: The final piece - Stretch and release

This is the final module of the MGM Instructor Pathway in which you will learn how to put the finishing touches on your group fitness class. You will create choreographed stretches that are engaging, fun, and effective. This module will teach you some unique ways to bring closure to your class so every participant leaves feeling accomplished and happy.


  • Discover how to effectively end your class and leave every participant feeling accomplished and happy.
  • Discover different ways to stretch the body.
  • Dive deeper into the specifics of creating choreographed stretches to music to provide an uplifting end to your class.
Module 6: Muscle conditioning essentials

In this module, you will be learning how to use body weight and simple, innovative and exciting exercises that you can use in any group fitness class.  Learn how to use dumbbells, the step and the barbell for resistance in order to provide variety for your workout. You will also be taught what essential elements to include in your class to make sure that you are providing variety, and keeping participants inspired and fit.


  • Learn the basics for teaching a muscle conditioning classes.
  • How to create your own muscle conditioning class using body weight as well as equipment.
  • Learn how to teach and correct technique.

When you enrol during this limited time,

you’ll get:


MGM instructor pathway certification
Valued at $5,497


  • 10 weeks of Live Coaching will provide extra information and real-time support to ensure you get to the finishing line with confidence and success. 
  • Private MGM Instructor Pathway Facebook group where you can ask questions and get weekly live updates from the MGM coaches.
  • 6 Implementation Modules will provide the tools you need to turn your passion into a career! This blueprint shows you everything you need to design and create classes that will become an exercise experience that people want to attend.

  • A step-by-step teaching methodology using the structure of music and its repetition in 4/4 time as a guide for knowing when to say your verbal cues and when to demonstrate your non-verbal cues.
  • Proven teaching techniques on how to break down moves into simple chunks and what cues are most effective as you lead your students through the workout. You will find out how to plan for how fast or slow your class needs to do each move so that everyone can keep up without slowing down the whole class or making anyone in the back feel left out.

  • Next-level warm-ups and stretches will not only excite and get people ready for the workout but also allow them to leave the class feeling refreshed, energised, and wanting to come back for their next group fitness session with you!

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum (And Keep It) Right Until Your First Class.

Bonus 1

Top 6 Group Exercise Tips Master Class

Top 6 Group Exercise tips Workshop: Want to know how to get from good to great as an instructor? Discover the winning formula for every class, including Maria and Marietta's personal strategies that have stood the test of time and proven to be very effective.

(A $250 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Learn the skills you need to create a significant shift in preparing and delivering a class.

  • Find out how to ‘own the stage’ and communicate clearly with everyone during your class.

  • Discover the secret communication skills that lead to successful interactions with participants to ensure that they come back

Bonus 2

Let's Get Physical Master Class

Group fitness focuses so much on the ‘doing’ of exercise but how are we communicating this effectively NON VERBALLY? Empower yourself as a group fitness instructor with easy to use strategies that you can use straight away to ensure that you consistently deliver successful classes.

(A $250 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Find out how to help people get into the right state of mind before exercise starts, as well as ways to make sure they feel supported throughout their session.

  • Discover the silent elements of communication—body language, and how you can use them to create a more positive experience for your clients.

  • Strategies for making positive eye contact, projecting a friendlier face, and having the right body language for leading movement in a group fitness setting.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

MGM Instructor Pathway certification- $5,497 Value

  • Bonus 1 Top 6 Group Exercise Tips Master Class- $250 Value
  • Bonus 2 Let's Get Physical Master Class- $250 Value

Total Value: $500

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $5997

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:






10 payments of



Marietta and Maria have an incredible amount of knowledge of the group fitness industry, that they share with passion and energy.  Their training is engaging, original and I am able to readily apply the skills I have learned. I find the training platform really easy to use (on any device) and love the fact I can do the training when it suits me.  I come away from their training feeling motivated and full of new ideas to implement into my classes. MGM training has made me a much better instructor.  Thank you so much to you both!

- Danielle Brown, Group Fitness Instructor


Maria and Marietta are truly passionate about delivering the skills and tools to support, educate and empower group fitness instructors throughout their instructor journey. Their online courses cover a variety of topics and are  easy to complete and understand and you can apply the learnings immediately. They are the masters in connection, cueing and breaking down information and presenting key concepts in a simple way.  Always something to learn and their energy is contagious.

- Lis Cribb, Group Fitness Instructor


Marietta & Maria are the best fitness industry educators I know.

They make learning a joy and I always come away from their workshops and trainings inspired, invigorated and ready to put my newly-gained knowledge into practice in my group ex classes.

If you’ve never taken a My Group Move course (on line, or face to face), you’re really missing out!


- Judy Davenport


Plus you'll be backed by a risk-free 30-day guarantee

Let us say this upfront.

The MGM instructor pathway is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for group fitness instructors who are excited and COMMITTED about creating and launching their group fitness classes this year!

Our MGM community is highly-curated and filled with helpful, motivated, and super-supportive members who build their own group fitness communities. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now here's the kicker.

By the end of these 30 days, you'll be on your way to becoming a group fitness instructor and completing the course.

If you don't feel confident and satisfied with the content and service, simply reach out, show us you've completed the work, and we'll refund your investment. Full details here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for MGM Instructor Pathway.

Enrol now in MGM instructor pathway


Course starting date: Monday 22nd April, 2024






10 payments of



If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I'm still not 100% sure” keep reading…


Give the MGM Instructor Pathway a 30 day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

  1. You have secretly wanted to be a group fitness instructor but didn't know where to start.

  2. You want a career change that is more flexible and can work around family commitments.

  3. You have always had a passion for helping people live healthier lifestyles.

  4. You’ve watched your favourite fitness instructors and said to yourself, “I wish I could teach group fitness classes like that someday.”
  5. You are ready to put in the work to join the thousands of other successful group fitness instructors leading groups of people to improved health and well-being.

We can’t wait for you to join the MGM Instructor Pathway


Providing Training and Mentoring To Ensure Long-Term Success For Group Exercise Instructors And Their Clients: MY GROUP MOVE believes that every instructor should have the support they need to maintain a successful group fitness career.

We want to share our knowledge and experience to ensure that the learning is fun and engaging, and most importantly effective! Everything we do is designed around making sure that you are successful in your group fitness career.

We are passionate about supporting new instructors, turning them into confident and healthy leaders who can teach with style and expertise.

Maria Teresa Stone & Marietta Mehanni