The Group Exercise Instructor Tool Box

This online workshop is your instructor tool box, where you will find the necessary skills to not only survive but thrive in the fitness industry.

From the top 6 group exercise tips, to instructor mental health and how to teach a functional muscle conditioning class effectively!

You will have lifetime access to the content and continuing education credits.


The group exercise instructor tool box sessions

Top 6 GX tips

While becoming a great instructor comes with time and experience, in this session you will learn the top 6 tips that will short cut to becoming the best instructor that you can be! Maria will share the My Group Move strategies that have stood the test of time that provide a winning formula for every class. Empower yourself with easy to use strategies that you can use straight away to ensure that you consistently deliver successful classes. This is a behind the scene look into how to go from good to great.

Functional core*

Gone are the days of isolated and ‘body part’ exercises. Now fitness classes celebrate functional movements and muscle conditioning for compensatory biomechanical actions. This workshop will highlight the multi-planner and multi-dimensional exercises that can be used to develop functional core strength. If you are a personal trainer or a group fitness instructor and are ‘over’ your traditional exercises, then this workshop is not to be missed.

*Includes free online workout valued at $35

Instructor mental health

Energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and motivated are some of the words that as an instructor you are expected to be in every class. Some days, it is effortlessly to be all those things and other days…not so easy. This session is about getting real about the realities of teaching, and how to deal with the challenges that can come up with aspects of the instructing role that no one wants to talk about. Instructor mental health is key for longevity and this session will explore strategies to maintain your passion to ensure long term job satisfaction.

Marietta Mehanni

Australia presenter of 2018 and 2016 NZ Educator of the Year, Marietta Mehanni is an award winning presenter with 30 years of experience. Education Coordinator for Gymstick International, Pelvic Floor Ambassador for Continence Foundation Australia, Co-Creator of mSwing and Co-Founder of My Group Move, Marietta is passionate about developing fun exercise formats that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Maria Teresa Stone

Mexican born and now based in Christchurch. Maria Teresa has been teaching group fitness (land and water) since 1996. She helped launch the global phenomenon Zumba fitness in New Zealand and Australia in 2009. With her role as a Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) she has trained thousands of instructors worldwide. Fitness Australia Roll of honour 2016 for her contribution to the fitness industry in Australia. Co-founder of My Group Move.

The Group Exercise Instructor Tool Box

3 sessions $150

This online workshop includes:

1) Top 6 GX tips

2) Functional core (includes free online workout valued at $35)

3) Instructor mental health

5 CECs with Fitness Australia

5 CPDs with REPs NZ

30 points with FitRec


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