GX DAY (Group Exercise Day) for all group fitness instructors happening in the following cities:

GX DAY VIRTUAL 28th of June, 2020

GX DAY BRISBANE 3rd of October, 2020

GX DAY SYDNEY 4th of October, 2020

Thank you to those that attended GX DAY Melbourne 15th of March :)

"What a blast!! Another fabulous workshop, I totally enjoyed every minute of GX DAY. The mix of exercise ideas and the emotional/psychological side of our business was ‘the total package’. I came away with new skills and ideas and a renewed energy for my job as a Group Exercise Instructor. I can’t thank you guys enough. What a team. Can’t wait until you come to Adelaide again. Thanks so much for a fabulous day!!!" Sue Kerr (GX DAY 2019 Adelaide).


Contact us if you have any questions at [email protected]

Yours in Group Fitness, 

Marietta Mehanni and Maria Teresa Stone.


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