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Only one GX DAY left for 2020!!!

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GX DAY VIRTUAL 4th of October, 2020

What is GX day?

GX DAY is a virtual workshop day. This workshop is for any group fitness instructor and members of the public (potential instructors) where we will learn, network and support each other. Developed by MY GROUP MOVE co-founders Marietta Mehanni and Maria Teresa Stone.

Why attend GX day?

The dual purpose is:

  1. To educate and provide support to current group fitness instructors, whether they be freestyle or pre-choreographed. The up-skilling will be generic so that regardless of modality of instruction, there will be benefit from attending the day. There will also be value for personal trainers that teach group classes to appreciate the unique skills that are required to deliver a positive exercise experience to a group of people.
  2. To provide an insight and introduction to members of the public that would be interested in becoming group fitness instructors. The idea is to demonstrate the appeal in teaching and provide some basic skills that would encourage them to consider this as a career opportunity. There is currently a massive skill shortage in group fitness and MY GROUP MOVE has a solution for this crisis.

What can you expect to learn from GX day? 

An opportunity to network and raise the bar together. The sessions are:

1) Top 6 GX tips

While becoming a great instructor comes with time and experience, in this session you will learn the top 6 tips that will short cut to becoming the best instructor that you can be! Maria will share the My Group Move strategies that have stood the test of time that provide a winning formula for every class. Empower yourself with easy to use strategies that you can use straight away to ensure that you consistently deliver successful classes. This is a behind the scene look into how to go from good to great.

2) Functional core

Gone are the days of isolated and ‘body part’ exercises. Now fitness classes celebrate functional movements and muscle conditioning for compensatory biomechanical actions. This workshop will highlight the multi-planner and multi-dimensional uses that can be used to develop functional core strength. If you are a personal trainer or a group fitness instructor and are ‘over’ your traditional exercises, then this workshop is not to be missed.

3) Instructor mental health

Energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and motivated are some of the words that as an instructor you are expected to be in every class. Some days, it is effortlessly to be all those things and other days…not so easy. This session is about getting real about the realities of teaching, and how to deal with the challenges that can come up with aspects of the instructing role that no one wants to talk about. Instructor mental health is key for longevity and this session will explore strategies to maintain your passion to ensure long term job satisfaction.

Will there be any CECs/CPDs?

Yes, there will be 5 CEC/CPDs for all day registration (not for individual sessions).

Will I receive a certificate of completion at the end?

Yes, after completing the GX day all day, you will receive an email from us with your digital certificate of completion. Allow 10 days. Please keep an eye on your inbox and spam. 

Are there any refunds for GX day registrations?

For our live face-to-face workshops/events there is only refund if we receive notification via email at [email protected] 10 prior the workshop/event date, after that date there are no refunds. There are NO refunds when purchasing the workshop/event with a discount code/discounted price, but you can gift or transfer the registration to someone else, please notify us so we can do the name and email change. 


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