Communication and connection FAQ

This course aims to help group fitness instructors to become better communicators before, during and after a group exercise class.
What do you expect to learn from COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION online course?
This course will help new and experienced group fitness instructors to learn the essential communication skills required in a group exercise class. Topic include; verbal and non-verbal cueing, effective body language, how to greet and create rapport, and much more! The skills learned in this course will help you take your classes to the next level!
How long do I have access to the course materials?
You have lifetime access to any of the online courses. So you can review the content as much as you want. 
How long will it take me to complete COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION online course?
Everyone learns differently and it depends on how much time you have available to study and practice on a daily basis. It also depends if you have had previous experience at teaching group fitness classes and if you had any training in communication. Taking all of this into account, this course can be completed (if you include your own hours of practice) in 3-5 weeks. Experienced instructors may be able to complete it in a couple of weeks. 
What can I teach after completing this online course?
COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION on its own, won’t give you the skills to teach an specific class format. With COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION you will be able to create meaningful experiences during class as well as having the skills required to teach a class effective. COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION online course, is a module of a larger course that will incorporate a number of more modules that teach different aspects of class design. 
What do I need to do after completing COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION?
Make sure you practice your verbal and visual cues on your own and with other people. Watching the videos will not teach you the skills until you physically practice. Videotaping yourself while you practice will also be a valuable assessment tool.
Is there an assessment as part COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION online course?
There is a simple written assessment at the end of the course, it is not a 'pass' or 'fail' assessment but a self assessment on your understanding of the course and skills learnt. 
Will I receive a certificate of completion at the end?
Yes, after completing the assessment at the end of the course, you will receive an automatic email from us with your digital certificate of completion via email. Make sure you type your name as you would like it in your certificate of completion.
Will there be more online courses available after COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION?
Yes, there is already a 3rd online course as part of MY GROUP MOVE, called "Choreography and flow". We are also working on other online courses covering topics like "warm ups" and "stretches", and specific class formats that will incorporate "step", "martial arts to music", "muscle conditioning workouts" and much more. 

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