What are your steps for class creation?


What are your steps when creating a new Aqua fitness class?

Do you take the long road, the short cut, or nothing at all?
Marietta Mehanni and Maria Teresa Stone, aqua fitness experts share their process on class creation.

We would love to hear what's yours? 

Lacking of ideas? Need some inspiration for your classes? Join us at the 2022 AQUA IMMERSION virtual conference.

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Feeling flat and bored?

Feeling flat and bored? You know those days when you feel like you're slogging through a muddy swamp, trying to pull yourself out of a rut? When you have arrived at your class and wish you had something to teach that gives you that tingling feeling of excitement because you know that your participants are going to love it. 

We've all been there. Sometimes, it feels like the only thing you can do is get to your class, put on the music, and try to make the best of it. 

Even if you are a great instructor and know how to motivate people, sometimes we just need a little inspiration ourselves. We need that extra push to get our groove back—the one that makes us want to dance around instead of curl up in a ball on the floor.

This happens to everyone. Motivation is a fluctuating thing and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to get yourself back into the swing of things.

When you start feeling flat and uninspired, step back to get some perspective. as a group...

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