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The Need For Pro-active Recruitment In Group Fitness

career option fitness career group exercise group exercise instructor group fitness group fitness instructor Sep 20, 2022

Group fitness instructors have unique skill sets. They help keep your members happy, engaged, and excited about the experience of working out with others. In addition, they provide a sense of community and camaraderie among members and can help motivate people struggling to stick with their fitness goals. 

Group fitness instructors are in high demand right now. They are the lifeblood of any successful fitness facility, but they're also one of the most challenging positions to fill. It's crucial that you have a solid team of dedicated instructors who can provide exceptional value to your members and keep them coming back for more. So how do you recruit new instructors? 

If you ask any group fitness instructor how they first became interested in teaching group fitness. In that case, you will discover that most were initially contacted by an instructor who said they would make a great group fitness leader. What is important to note is that this instructor took an interest in them, believed they had something special to offer and was willing to take a risk on them. That's why we recommend that you begin your recruitment efforts with a personal approach. Getting your current instructors involved in the recruiting process can be a great way to improve your recruitment rate and increase the number of new instructors on your team. Your current instructors know what it takes to be successful in group fitness, so they often spot potential candidates that might not be obvious to others. You may be surprised at how many people take advantage of this opportunity! 

If you don't have any current instructors willing to participate in the recruiting process, you can still make it happen! However, you need to be more proactive about it. Instead of waiting for people to come up and talk to you about their interest in group fitness instruction, try reaching out directly. Ask them if they would be interested in becoming an instructor at your studio or gym; explain what they need to know and do to become certified as a group fitness instructor. 

Another way is by offering incentives for current members to become certified as group fitness instructors. For example, offer to cover some of the cost of the course. This will help you build up your instructor pool. 

If you have social media handles, reaching out to your community is another way of recruiting potential new group fitness instructors. Members of the public usually are not aware of the opportunities that exist, and offering a call to action is sometimes the spark that creates interest. 

So what happens next once you have someone who has shown interest? What courses will ensure that you have a well-trained, confident, and competent instructor? The answer lies in the certifications offered by My Group Move. MGM is the leading authority on exercise to music. They provide a comprehensive coaching course that combines online course material with live virtual coaching, a community of supportive instructors, and ongoing education to support instructors in their teaching journey. This course is designed to give instructors the tools they need to create and teach a freestyle class effectively. It provides a framework for learning that can be applied in any setting and with any age group. There are no licence fees or compulsory memberships post certification. Students can choose their path in the fitness industry and earn money teaching freestyle classes. 

How does this impact your business? If you want to recruit loyal, committed instructors passionate about your members, be part of the solution for your own business. Recruiting from your membership base means that you have instructors who understand the culture of your gym or club. They know the members' expectations, and most importantly, they have already bought into your brand and community. This means that you will have a higher retention rate for your instructors, which in turn lowers the cost of recruitment. 

To learn more about the My Group Move Instructor Pathway or email [email protected] to book a call or zoom.

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